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If avant-black-world-gaze is a thing, than Mamaleek are it's forefathers.

Here, for the first time ever available through ENEMIES LIST (and limited to only 130 copies) is Mamaleek's second album, Fever Dream. These are the original Furusiyaa copies, and we were lucky enough to snap up some forgotten copes that fell through the cracks in 2008.

For those in the know, I don't have to say much more, other than it's on heavy white vinyl, looks amazing, and is the last time this record will ever be available on vinyl. Hand-numbered, only 300 ever pressed.

For those who didn't pick up Mamaleek's amazing Kurdaitcha from us last year and have never heard of the anonymous San Francisco duo, suffice to say that here, and only here, can you hear the best bits of black metal, shoegaze, jazz, psych, noise, and subtle hints of world music blended into a coherent whole. This band is fucking insane. It shouldn't work, but it does - and nowhere are they as powerful as on the fractured, blissful, terrifying Fever Dream.

Pick it up while you still can.

Originally released by Furusiyaa Records.

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